We recognise how much energy and carbon is used in the production of aggregates from raw materials. By separating out the re-useable waste materials from your skips, including paving slabs, bricks, concrete fence posts etc. we are able to create a product that can be re-used in the construction of new roads and buildings.

MOT Type 1 Aggregate

MOT Type 1 aggregate is also produced from crushed concrete.

This is suitable for use under adopted carriageways and footpaths. Resistant to the action of frost, it is a more durable product.

Screened Soils

In addition to aggregates we also produce various grades of screened soils.

From sub-soils for filling holes and making up levels, to topsoil for landscaping and turfing.

6F5 Hardcore

6F5 is a recycled aggregate made from crushed hardcore and is built up of 75mm down to dust.

The 6F5 is normally used as bulk fill to build up levels/ capping layer.